Teaching in hybrid classrooms

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Speaker: Giorgia Martusciello (ENGIM, Rome, Italy) – Daphne John (Abu gGmbH Berlin, Germany)

Covid and hybrid challenges for teachers

What is a hybrid classroom? Why teach in hybrid classrooms? What can I do in hybrid classrooms? Where do my skills as a teacher connect to hybrid classrooms?

The aim of the Erasmus+-project HAVE is to strengthen organizations to be able to offer high-quality teaching in Hybrid Classrooms.

During the webinar we will exchange thoughts on

  • Challenges and benefits
  • Possibilities
  • Differences in teaching
  • Materials for hybrid classrooms

With HAVE the partnership aims to

  • make the introduction of hybrid teaching into an organisation approachable,
  • addressing and involving all levels in an organisation.

Why are we in HAVE?

  • The covid-19 lockdown has clarified the requirement to offer citizens with fewer opportunities other pedagogical training methods than those already established.
  • In the period of online teaching, some students have shown great benefit from being able to participate in safe familiar surroundings instead of being present in a physical classroom.
  • In addition, the project must accommodate for the part of the education-ready population that is not mobile to search education outside their comfort zone.

The project results will be available in Italian, English, German, Danish, and Finnish.

Questions in Italian can readily be answered. 

Adressed to: teachers, management in teaching organisations, students,  workers, professionals, lecturers, guidance councellors, persons interested in hybrid classrooms

To register, please fill in the registration form.

An email with the link to participate will be sent before the webinar.


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