From Bona Sforza to John Paul II

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ciclo “Umanesimo e mondo di lavoro”
Speaker: Anna Wylężałek (Poland)

Selected aspects of Italian humanism and

its Polish representations over the past centuries

The aim of the presentation is to point at the significance of the figure of Bona Sforza (1494-1557) the Duchess of Bari and the Queen of Poland, married to the Polish King Sigismund I the Old and her influence on the Renaissance in Poland and Polish humanists.

Bona Sforza arrived in Poland on April 18,1518 and left it in 1556. She represented the Italian temperament, energy, thorough education and vivid intelligence, while her 27 years older husband Sigismund Jagiellon, Lithuanian pragmatism and power.

It was the match between the young and the old - the West and the East resulting in the most prosperous changes in the order, court etiquette, style and customs of the Golden Age of the Polish culture.

During her reign many profound Italian artists and thinkers were coming to Poland, settling and working there for many years introducing new trends in food, fashion, literature and architecture while many Polish scholars and artists sought better education and prospects in Italy.

Bona Sforza commenced the changes in the cultural, social and political life of the Polish state that could not have been stopped, and from then on, like many other European states for the decades to follow, Poland has never stopped following the Italian ways and humanistic ideas. Till nowadays.

Addressed to: students, graduates, teachers and everybody interested in the history of humanism and the Italian-Polish relationship

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