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Speaker: Daphne John (Abu gGmbH Berlin, Germany)

Do you have a business idea and want to get started in Europe?

Europe wants more entrepreneurship on the one hand. On the other hand, many persons migrate for various reasons and as we all know, getting oriented in a new country is difficult.

Maybe you had a profession where you come from and see that recognition of your skills is not as easy as you hoped.

What is needed to start your own business?

Where can you go to get the information, support, and funding you need?

The most helpful attitude and mindset is open and active while being knowledgeable in many economic aspects. However, that alone will not lead you to your goal.

The main objective of European of Entrepreneurship for Speakers of Other Languages (EUESOL) is to reach the target group of young adult migrants (16-40 years) who migrate within or arrive in the EU and try to build a new life for themselves in the countries of the partner organizations start and develop new companies. In addition, coaches and lecturers can work with the materials. (~100h, EQR level 4).

The materials are modular, readable according to need and interest, but also intended as a whole course giving a good overview of everything that makes an entrepreneur.

Country-specific information is provided on factsheets. Access is available via CANVAS from Glasgow Clyde College.

The topics at a glance:

Module 1: Business creation

Module 2: Ethical Entrepreneurship

Module 3: Marketing

Module 4: Corporate Philosophy

Module 5: Employability

In the first part of the webinar the speaker Daphne John will present research on useful knowledge, attitudes, and mindsets for future entrepreneurs aiming to start up in European countries like Germany, Poland, Italy, Scottland/UK, or Finland. In the second part she will answer the participants‘ questions that have been posed in the chat. Questions in Italian can readily be answered. 

Adressed to: Migrant entrepreneurs, youth and young adults, students, migrants, refugees, workers, professionals, lecturers, guidance councellors, persons interested in entrepreneurship

To register, please fill in the registration form.

An email with the link to participate will be sent before the webinar.

The webinar presentation is available for Eurocultura members.


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