Using the Internet: Upskilling Digital Access

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Speaker: Daphne John (Abu gGmbH Berlin, Germany)


Does digitalisation mean something for you? Do you know people who have no clue? That’s what this is about: Getting people together to support each other in their getting to know the digital world.

The aim of RUDICON is to give resources for digital participation beginning from zero knowledge of PC or internet use to people of various ages.

And: Help is coming! This means that not only resources for user’s self-learning will be developed, there will also be a trainer program for digital coaches, accompanying the users in the digital processes in their daily lives.


For Users: Modular materials for approaching your daily topics like banking, shopping, education – online and digital.

For Coaches: Modular materials for supporting those who need help in the digital world, containing bits of pedagogy and didactics – the how to teach.


To make people feel safe in using digital resources. AND: So people can help each other better – and maybe one or the other can upskill from not knowing a thing to becoming a digital coach in their community.


Test yourself and choose for yourself which topics you need and interest you.


Users: Adult learners, pensioners, workers, self-employed

Coaches: Adult learners, pensioners, volunteers

More: Trainers and those interested to be trained, even as an entry into the work force, to work as digital coaches of all ages with an affinity for working with the internet/PCs; Training providers, rural area developers, and local governments.

The materials may not only help the individuals but also small businesses, local and regional governments, training providers, and area developers to further bottom up growth by empowering individuals to participate fully in their lives and where they live.  

In the first part of the webinar the speaker Daphne John will present the idea of using the internet with more ease from low entry level skills, adding more abilities to what you know and upskilling helping others use the internet. In the second part she will answer the participants‘ questions that have been posed in the chat. Questions in Italian can readily be answered. 

Target groups: those seeking to use the PC/internet, self-employed, workers, lecturers, guidance councellors, volunteers, job seekers, pensioners; Training providers, rural area developers, and local governments

The webinar presentation (.pdf) is available for Eurocultura members.

To register, please fill in the registration form.

An email with the link to participate will be sent before the webinar.

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Daphne John

Currently, I work for an educational institution in Berlin, where I am in charge of international educational projects, mostly as part of the Erasmus+ program. The work for Europe corresponds to my values ​​and the cooperation with the international project partners brings a lot of joy and good results.

For many years I worked in the private sector in administration, sales, marketing, and translations. Later, I swiftly completed my master’s degree in educational sciences where motivational theory and changes of attitude struck me as deep topics. The studies included minors in German and English Studies – each with linguistics and literature. The Master’s thesis of 2014 applies to possibilites for educational careers for refugee children in Berlin and has been published in German with the Logos Verlag. I worked in the school system for a short time, and taught language classes and did competency assessments in prisons. Also, I completed an HR management course, with a VET trainer‘s license.

Then I followed my calling and took a yoga teacher course and coaching seminars. On top of that I make visual art, write poetry, and sing, accompanied by shamanic drumming for personal growth in trance healing. I have been teaching yoga and coaching since 2019.


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