DYS in Education, Professional Life and Work

Year: 01/01/2023 – 01/07/2025
Program: Erasmus+

Description of the project

This project’s main priority is to foster the inclusion of VET learners with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), also called "Dys" disorders, in the job market.


This project’s main priority is to foster the inclusion of VET learners with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), also called "Dys" disorders, in the job market through the creation of appropriate supporting tools, learning materials and training for them and their potential employers.

The main target group of this project are neurodiverse young people that are transitioning from VET education to the workforce and/or facing additional disadvantages, including migrants, people from low socio-economic backgrounds, unemployed or in precarious employment conditions.

Having a more inclusive workplace requires the development of flexible and learner-centred VET tools and training on how people can successfully go from the VET sector to the job market.

By targeting different stakeholders in the labour market offering tools and information, we hope to support reasonable accommodations and the adaptation of the recruitment process by broadening the notion of talent and helping young people with learning disorders advance in their careers.

The project also gives tools for talent acquisition managers and recruiters to improve their understanding of how they can better use the strengths of workers with Dys disorders.


  • European Analysis and best practices (EU-policy informed desk research, including findings about Dys in VET settings and workplaces; interviews with inclusion specialists, VET staff, workers with Dys disorders and employers; booklet of best practices available in all partner languages)
  • Worker support guide and Toolbox (Worker support guide: eLearning guide for people with Dys disorders in different VET and workplace settings; Digital Toolbox of resources to support neurodiverse workers and adaptations in VET and workplace settings; Self-assessment tool for job search incl. application and interview preparation; Job selection and progress tool)
  • Employer’s guide on neurodiversity and resources for the workplace (disorders on the job fiches; support material for recruitment; task blueprint module; support directory).


European Desk research report


Examples/Policies in the Workplace/VET settings


Collective Report Interviews with Dys disorders

Year: 01/01/2023 – 01/07/2025
Programme: Erasmus+
Reference Code: 2022-2-IE01-KA220-VET-000097062
Title: DYS in Education, Professional Life and Work


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