Eurocultura supports people's growth by promoting the acquisition and updating of skills through international mobility experiences.

All our projects, activities and services are aimed at improving employability, in the conviction that the achievement of this goal can be facilitated by qualified study, training and work experiences abroad, starting from a European dimension and with a global horizon.

An experience abroad is certainly an opportunity to train and perfect personal skills and aptitudes: dynamism, initiative, autonomy, intellectual curiosity, social skills and mastery of foreign languages.

The decision to leave must be well thought out. We believe that it is essential to invest time and energy in research and preparation. We therefore devote a great deal of attention to advice and information services. We are committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and we aim to promote the growth of familiarity with modern technologies and their conscious use.

We hope it will contribute to the development of an open, responsible, supportive, tolerant and fully inclusive society that guarantees equal opportunities for all.