Women on the Move

Sustainable cooperation

Year: 2016 – 2017 – Program: CSD – IV/JUS

Project description


The overall objective of this project is to increase cooperation among NGOs from Turkey and EU in the field of justice, freedom and security.

Specific objectives:

- Increasing know-how based sustainable cooperation opportunities for NGOs from Turkey and EU.

- Improving the living conditions for woman refugees in Turkey through advocacy activities and capacity building for governmental and non-governmental institutions about Human Rights, Law of Migration, and Regulations on Temporary Protection, International Regulations on Refugees and Asylum, Woman Asylums.

- Increasing awareness and breaking prejudgments about refugees and asylum-seekers in the public opinion.

- Develop multi-understanding between TR and EU NGOs on refugee policies and implementation in the EU and TR.

Target groups:

- NGOs working in the field of refugee rights in TR and in EU,

- Syrians moved to Turkey after war,

- Related government institutions about the rights of Syrian people having the status of “temporarily under protection”,

- general public opinion.

Activities and results:

- 300 Syrian women in Turkey will be surveyed about the socio-economic, legal problems that they face-off.

- An analysis report on legal problems will be prepared and distributed to policy-makers.

- A network of 10 NGOs from Turkey and EU working on woman and migration/asylum will be created.

- International, EU-level regulations and Turkey’s regulations will be compared.

- 5 Best Practices in EU and Turkey will be researched about women and integration.

- 2 Study visits with participation of 10 NGOs will contribute to the capacity building of NGOs in Turkey.

- 100 government officials and NGO representatives will be trained about the international, EU-level and national regulations on rights of women refugees and asylum.

- A documentary including 5 short films will be prepared and broadcasted in media.

- An exhibition will be opened to reach a wider audience. 250 people are expected to visit the exhibition.


Year: 2016 – 2017
Program: CSD - IV/JUS
Reference number: TR2011/0135.15-04/16
Title: Women On The Move


Woman and Democracy Association KADEM (Tr) – coordinator

International Refugee Rights Association (Tr)

Eurocultura (It)

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