Powered by Reuchlin

Year: 03.2022-04.2023
Program: Erasmus +

Descrizione del progetto

Il progetto "Powered by Reuchlin: Digital Intercultural Education for the 21st Century" analizza l'eredità degli umanisti di diversi Paesi in relazione ai valori europei di oggi.

The "Powered by Reuchlin: Digital Intercultural Education for the 21st Century" project aims to qualify education professionals working internationally in the didactic, technical and content aspects of teaching European values and active participation.

Humanism is the foundation of the European Union. The project "Powered by Reuchlin: Digital Intercultural Education for the 21st Century" analyzes the legacy of humanists from different countries in relation to European values today. To this end, activities are being developed that target young people primarily in digital form.
Specifically, the activities deal with topics such as active participation, motivation to take advantage of opportunities for participation, democratic education (tolerance, ability to judge and act, culture of dialogue, human rights, historical and political education, and foreign language learning.
The results and experiences of the activities are made available to European teachers and trainers to improve practical work with young people.
The starting point is the humanist Johannes Reuchlin of Pforzheim, Germany, whose 500th death anniversary will be celebrated in Pforzheim in 2022. He was highly educated, spoke many foreign languages, and defended minorities such as Jews. In terms of tolerance, freedom of thought, respect and dialogue, he was far ahead of his time. He was considered a great motivator and spread messages that united nations.

Year: 03.2022-04.2023
Program: Erasmus+
Reference number: 2021-2-DE02-KA210-VET-000048022
Title: Powered by Reuchlin: Digital Intercultural Education for the 21st Century

Stadtverwaltung Pforzheim, Abteilung Europa und Städtepartnerschaften (Coordinator)
Deutsche Gemeinschaft, Osijek (Croatia)
Polnisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft,, Tschenstochau (Poland)
Eurocultura Vicenza (Italy)

Website: https://reuchlin-eu.pforzheim.de/index.html

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



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