Working in a different culture

Tuesday 15.11.2022 from 17:00 to 18:00- Free Webinar

Speaker: Claudia Landini – Language: English – Registration 4 weeks in advance.

In the first part of the webinar, the speaker will draw on her international life experience in ten countries on five continents and as an intercultural trainer of managers and their families relocating abroad, to analyze how the impact of meeting a different culture affects the relationships in the workplace (but also in personal life) in our new countries.

She will share some of the most common dynamics underlying intercultural interactions and will analyze the most common reasons for communication misunderstandings between different cultures. She will reflect on some general characteristics of communication between cultures, and will provide some tools to deal with different ways of conceiving work, communication and interaction.

In the second part of the webinar Claudia Landini will answer the questions of the participants via chat.

This webinar is for: people who work or will go to work abroad, those who manage multicultural groups, but in general anyone who is interested in the dynamics of intercultural communication.

The presentation of the webinar (.pdf file) is available for Eurocultura associates.

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Claudia Landini has been living abroad for 33 years, in ten countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe. She has always been passionate about networking and communities, and in 2004 she created, a virtual platform to support expat women all over the world. Her years as a full-time mother traveling the world contributed to increase her innate passion for games and refined her creativity in always inventing new ones. When in 2007 she started working again as an intercultural trainer first, and then as a certified coach with ICA and accredited with the ICF, she decided to use gamification as a communication and training tool in which she deeply believes. She recently became certified as a book therapist, and in the Course on Training with Games that she launched in January, she added a module of games with books.

I webinar di Claudia Landini:

  • Working in a different culture
  • La carriera portatile
  • Lavorare in una cultura diversa
  • L'estero con gli occhi delle donne
  • I giochi nella formazione
  • Question time - Donne all'estero



Calendario dei webinar

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