Vilk Ashleigh

Therapist, Artist and Educator

Ashleigh is in the business of future proofing people. Futureproof people can ride the waves of uncertainty.
Being FutureProof is about learning to surf the waves. If you want to thrive, self-worth & identity can be the foundation on which you stand, your surfboard - eliminating the wasted energy spent in survival mode. Instead you’ll be able to ride the waves wherever you want to go and even enjoy yourself in the process.  
When we know how to use our energy efficiently we are free to be creative and innovative all while achieving sustained personal fulfilment (SPF). 
Ashleigh is an Associate at the Self-worth Academy and Leading the Education sector. She has worked as a Business consultant in Accenture UK, a Leadership development and Learning Project Manager in Generali Global Group Innovation Academy, a careers counsellor and is a qualified Sport Psychologist, member of the British Psychological Society as well as being a Thetahealing therapist. She is also an accomplished singer songwriter.


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