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Internship, work and live in Barcelona

Speaker: Maria Couto Escudero (NEXES)
Language: English

parc guell Foto di TRAVELKR da Pixabay


Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in Europe. With its own brand, it offers Internships and job opportunities for those who want to discover themselves in a cosmopolitan city.

It is a city with great international commitment and in which there are options to find work and carry out work experience in large, multinational, medium and small companies. Barcelona has a great variety of economic sectors: hospitality, IT, commerce, industry, administration, education, social, cultural, architecture, ONG, among others.

The labor market isn't easy to access for foreigners. The unemployment rate is above 10% and the appeal of the mediteranean live attracts a lot of people from abroad to look for work. Two languages are spoken in Barcelona, Catalan and Spanish. Both languages are necessary to be able to find work. At the same time, also and according to the sector, in English.

One of the best ways to discover the real life of Barcelona ist doing an Intership in one of the internationally orientated companies between the Ramblas, Sagrada Familia and Plaza de Catalunya.

The attraction of living between sea and mountains, diversity of culture and languages, are some of the characteristics that stand out those people who have been and have good memories.

So, Barcelona is synonymous of welcoming, diversity, opportunity ...

In the first 45 minutes of the webinar the speaker Maria Couto Escudero presents the webinar: Work, Internship and live in Barcelona. In the remaining 15 minutes the speaker will answer the questions arrived by Chat.

Target: students, graduates, experienced workers, unemployed persons, Internship managers, career advisers.

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Photo speaker MariaCoutoEscuderoMaria Couto Escudero has a degree in pedagogy and specializes in job orientation and insertion as well as youth policies. Her professional career has focused on working with young people, as well as managing professional mobility projects for this group. Currently, she is the president of the Nexes cooperative. Nexes cooperates with partners all over Europe organising internship programs in Barcelona.

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