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Youth & Development 4all - workshop a Vedra (ES) dal 24 al 30 Settembre 2017

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The “Youth & Development 4All – Practices to Include” project is carried out with financial support from the Erasmus+ Programme, within the area of Action – Key 2 – Cooperation for the innovation and exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Associations for Youth.

The project is coordinated by Animar (Portuguese Association for Local Development - Portugal), with the cooperation of the Eurocultura Association (Vicenza-Italy) and the Municipal Council of Vedra (Galicia-Spain).

30 people from 3 different countries (Portugal, Italy and Spain) will take part in the exchange, living together in a training environment for five days with fully-catered accommodation.


This call pretends to involve leaders, technicians and volunteers of partners organizations, to promote the Knowledge and practices in social inclusion, non-formal education and entrepreneurship areas, focused in youth work.


- To provide youth workers of member organizations with theoretical and practical training in the sector of social inclusion and non-formal education, focusing on the field of youth.

Specific Goals

- To carry out a Good Practices exchange in the field of youth (focusing on diverse areas: non- formal education methodology, innovative education practice, the training and integration of youth in work and entrepreneurial contexts)

- To identify Good Practices action in the area of Youth.

- To develop the personal and social skills of youth and youth workers at the levels of multilingualism, creativity and inclusion.

- To promote the civic involvement of young people in local associations, thereby helping to strengthen the sector, for intercultural dialogue, equality and social inclusion.

- To foster the creation of a grassroots active network of young people to enhance youth experiences in local development.

What are the aims of the ‘Good Practices’ exchange?

The ‘Good Practices in the area of youth’ exchange aims to approach the following topic areas:
- Intercultural communication
- Entrepreneurism (experiences, tools and development of competences)
- Participatory strategies
- Methodologies, tools and non-formal education practices
Sessions, activities, dynamics and visits to local experiences will be organized to this end.


It is aimed at people who work in youth organizations (leaders, technicians and volunteers).

The participants will be selected by the social organization of each of the participating countries. There will be 3 groups of 8 participants + 2 coordinators.


1. Age: over 18s.

2. Intermediate level of English

3. After the selection the participants will be asked to submit a ‘Good Practices’ experience which the participant either

implemented or took part in.

4. Be available to participate in the exchange between 24th to 30th september de 2017


Chi siamo

Eurocultura Srl - P.Iva 03759950243

Sede operativa: Via Mercato Nuovo n. 44/G - 36100 - Vicenza - VI - Italy

Sede Legale: Via Morsolin n. 6 - 36100 - Vicenza - VI - Italy


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