Humanism and climate protection

Wednesday 15.3.2023 from 17:30 to 18:30 - Free Webinar

ciclo “Umanesimo e mondo di lavoro”
Speaker: Anna Klischies / Susanne Schreck – Municipality of Pforzheim-Germany

Humanism stands up for human dignity and humanity. It calls us to think and act for ourselves.

But what does humanism have to do with climate protection?

Climate protection is definitely a humanistic issue that should be given a high priority.

The poorest countries and future generations, who contribute the least to global warming, suffer the most from climate catastrophe. They are being deprived of livelihoods and freedoms.

We can't wait for enlightened elites, we have to take action ourselves and promote climate protection even on a small scale.

What can everyone do themselves in their everyday lives, in their environment? How can the topic of climate protection be integrated into everyday life in a low-threshold way?

In the webinar "Humanism and climate protection" we show, among other things, what climate-friendly travel means, how climate protection can be used while organizing events or which small, everyday tips can already bring about a big change.

We would like to talk to each other and think about climate protection together with the participants.

Addressed to: everybody looking for solutions to challenge the climate change

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Susanne Schreck coordinates the relations with Pforzheim's twin towns as town twinning officer.  Her responsibilities include cooperation with schools, associations and organizations in exchange and the twin towns, cooperation with foundations and binational youth organizations as well as the conception and implementation of various EU projects.

Anna Klischies (Fundraising and EU Projects, City of Pforzheim) coordinates EU funding information.  Her responsibilities also include consulting and support in the acquisition and implementation of strategic fundraising projects.

Currently, Susanne Schreck, with the support of Anna Klischies, coordinates and manages the Erasmus + project "Powered by Reuchlin Digital Intercultural Education for the 21st Century", a joint project of the City of Pforzheim with Eurocultura, the German Community Osijek and the Polish-German Society Częstochowa.


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