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Youth Enterprise Accelerator - YEA

With the current economic crisis still in full swing, hundreds of thousands of young people unemployed, new solutions and pathways must be explored to alleviate mass unemployment and to mitigate the 'lost decade'.
The recently published EC paper "Rethinking Education" calls for a focus on transversal skills, especially developing a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial skills to mitigate mass youth unemployment.
With this project we come together as partners to deliver entrepreneurship training to young adults so that they have the right support to start their businesses in a creative and meaningful way.

The main aims and objectives of the project are:

Aim 1: Understand current issues facing young adults (16 - 30 years), their needs in training, education and accessing the labour market through Needs Analysis in all partner countries: UK, Germany, France, Italy and Slovakia.

Aim 2: Transfer UK developed "Youth Enterprise Accelerator" Modules & Approaches to partner countries whilst making them more relevant and applicable. This includes training entrepreneurship trainers & piloting the YEA Modules with young adults in each of the partner countries (including fostering learning outcomes)

Aim 3: Share our experiences and highlight Best Practice approaches working with young adults in entrepreneurship and provide access to the project's results in a sustainable way. Sustaining the projects’ results through accreditation and mainstreaming.

This project works with 6 partners, all specialist providers working with young adults (especially those facing challenges).

The project will assess, test and implement entrepreneurship training for young adults (those 16 – 30 years) by using the developed “Youth Enterprise Accelerator” – a training methodology developed by Embrace and CHC.

The YEA comprises of 12 weeks training for young entrepreneurs, including work placement and mentoring.
With the project’s results, young adults will be in the position to implement their projects and companies in a sustainable and practical way, helping them to realise their personal and professional ambitions, whilst being in a supportive environment.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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