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Volunteers In Movement

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Year: 2012-2014
Program: Youth in Action 4.6
Identification number: 2011-5083/012-001
Title: VOLUNTEERS IN MOVEMENT - The habilities of the disabilities

The aim of the project is to strengthen self-esteem of young people, to improve leadership skills, management, organization, to enhance its maturity and responsibility.
Within the network, the different associations will be in charge of promoting those practices and to outline the figure of the “empowered volunteer”. Our project consists in a network of organizations working actively in the Youth in Action PROGRAMME, especially in EVS action 2,  hosting or sending volunteers. The essence of the project is to promote “empowerment” of young people during the implementation of the EVS.

Among the activities of the project, two volunteers from Italy will do the European Voluntary Service in Spain, at the  Docete Omnes Foundation, which has its headquarters in La Zubia, in the province of Granada. Volunteers will serve at the facilities of the Foundation and will help professionals to organize and run occupational workshops for people with mental disabilities.

In Granada will also take place a workshop aimed at sharing knowledge on best practices and experiences of EVS aimed at empowering young people.

Following the workshop a handbook about "How to empower the role of volunteer" will be published, to gather the most interesting experiences at European level.

To give room to the voice of volunteers who want to share with others their EVS experience and that are interested to connect with other volunteers to talk about the impact of the service to their own personal and professional development a website and a blog will be created (

Starting date of the project: 01/05/2012
End date of the project: 01/05/2014

- Report of Workshop on leadership in the EVS
- Good practice Manual: “How to empower the figure of the volunteer”.
- Quarterly newsletter with the different activities on our network.
- Roport of the Piloting experiences.
- Promotional videos and Works about EVS.


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PROJEKTWWERSTATT UND Entwicklung (Germany)

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