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Learning e-Mobility Plus

Learning together in the technology of the future –emo 1
electromobility: a cooperation of vocational schools, universities and companies takes a new

Electromobility as a technology of the future poses new challenges to vocational training. There is a lack of skilled workers with the skills to assemble, service and distribute new drive systems. At the same time, vocational training must become more appealing for young people - above all also through new forms of learning and improving the permeability to academic education. It is this area which our project “Learning e-Mobility Plus“ starts with. The aim is to demonstrate examples of opportunities for vocational schools, academia/research and business practice. Joint development of innovative learning environments is at the fore.



  • Intercession new skills in the sector electromobility
  • Interlock vocational training more closely with universities/research
  • Invigorated international cooperation between education-science-economy


  • Approved, innovative Learnenvironments
  • Action orientation with Good-Pratice examples for  for teachers and trainers
  • Conclusions and recommendations for local, regional, national and
  • European decision-makers in the area of vocational training.

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