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GastroInklusiv runner up in 2019 VET Excellence Award of the European Commission

#inclusivelearninginVET #standardandsimplelanguage

New models for Inclusive Teaching at Vocational Schools

According to the World Health Organization, 15% of the world population lives with a disability. The successful participation of people with special needs in education and work is essential for Europe's success in global markets. Therefore, vocational training must seek to provide tailor-made educational programs for people with and without handicaps as a part of the effort to meet the needs of the economy for skilled workers.

The goal of the project is to show ways to implement inclusive learning in vocational training (VET), using the food and beverage industry as an example. Vocational schools, educators and businesses will work together to develop inclusive learning models and formulate recommendations for an inclusive culture at vocational schools and in workplaces.


GastroINKLUSIV is a contribution to the process of strengthening the quality of vocational education with the goal of equal participation for all in education and at the workplace.
Using the example of the food and beverage industry, we will illustrate approaches for inclusive learning in vocational education. We will develop and test models for differentiated teaching processes as well as providing teaching materials in simple and plain language. Finally, we will create recommendations for the improvement of inclusion in vocational education and discuss them with the relevant stakeholders.

Our approach combines several levels of action: capacity building, competence development for teachers, and practical application by young people in vocational training. Participation is the basic principle for the success of inclusion.
Project activities will include networking, creating inclusive learning units, a handbook on the development of inclusive learning materials, guidelines for inclusion in vocational training and at the workplace, and recommendations for political, economic and vocational players, as well as dissemination activities, transfer among the partners and public relations work.

Our partnership brings together eleven partners from three European countries – VET schools, educational experts, and companies from the food and beverage industry in Germany, Austria and Italy. A strategic advisory board with representatives from chambers of trade and commerce, professional associations, unions, local governments and public administration will support us.

The main project result will be an innovative model for inclusive learning in professional vocational training. Adapted methods and materials which reduce language complexity in the learning process will decrease barriers and enable learning in heterogeneous groups. Cooperation between VET schools and businesses will be strengthened, and new approaches to supporting an inclusive culture in vocational schools and at the workplace will be established.

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