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Youth Empowerment

Young people are an important and fundamental group that constitute our society, capable of changing and influencing the attitudes and behaviors of their peers, but also, in children, adults and communities.

Young people are the present and future of our society. Youth organizations play an important role in supporting and empowering young people so that they can make decisions that bring sustainable and positive change to their lives, but also to the people in their communities. This type of training becomes even more important in young people with fewer opportunities and young NEETs (they are not studying, working or attending any type of training). For this to happen, it is also necessary to empower youth organizations and youth workers with effective methodologies and tools to empower young people.

Youth Empowerment aims to provide answers to the needs of young people, youth associations and youth workers through different activities.


General goals:
• Strengthen the partners network who daily work with young people and use methodologies to empower them to participate actively in their organizations and community;
• Promote the Erasmus+ Program and its added value as an important inclusion tool for young NEETs and with fewer opportunities;
• Prepare youth organizations and youth workers with tools and methodologies that are effective in fostering youth participation in civic engagement and preparing them for the increasingly competitive labor market;
• Discuss the role of youth organizations in the social, personal and professional development of young people;
• Encourage intercultural learning through non-formal education.


Main activities:

Training course in Arcos de Valdevez from 12 to 19 of June 2019 to:
• Share best practices that partner organizations use daily and in the activities they develop under the Erasmus+ Program;
• Capacitate partner organizations, youth workers and volunteers with methodologies that allow the inclusion and empowerment of young people with fewer opportunities and NEET;
• Acquire new tools to encourage young people to participate more in activities outlined by organizations, such as volunteering, and to awaken them to greater civic participation in their communities;
• Understand the impact and social change that Erasmus+ activities can bring to local communities;
• Prepare Youth Exchange and train leaders to facilitate activities and prepare youth group for this type of activity.


Youth Exchange in Arcos de Valdevez from 8 to 17 August 2019 which will be attended by young people aged between 18 and 25 from Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Romania.


Stay tuned!



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