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2015 Joint Report of the Council and the Commission on the implementation of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020) states that “the tragic outbursts of violent extremism in the early 2015 have made our societies vulnerable”. In this context, “education and training play an important role in ensuring that the human and civic values are safeguarded and passed on to future generations”.

The same report highlights that education and training are crucial to “promote freedom of thought and expression, social inclusion and respect for others, as well as to prevent and tackle discrimination in all its forms”; Education reinforces the teaching and acceptance of these common fundamental values promoting inclusive societies, preventing and tackling poverty and social exclusion, building a foundation for an open and democratic society on which active citizenship rests.

At the same time, education and training systems face the challenge of ensuring equal access to high quality education, in particular by reaching out the most disadvantaged and integrating disabled youngsters, including newly arrived migrants, thereby fostering social convergence.

Debates about European identity have intensified in the context of EU enlargement and the Union's Constitutional and Lisbon Treaties. It’s time to reinforce the motto "unity in diversity" and the European identity, especially among young people mostly of them, in risk of drop off.

Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, digital competences, use of gamification in VET; can be a way to trainers and teachers to reach, integrate, educate and prevent drop-off of young (future) European citizens from diverse backgrounds.

Main outcomes of the project

  • Building a sociocultural framework in partners’ countries related to active citizenship, social inclusion and European values and identity - "unity in diversity";
  • Definition of the Myself&Europe curriculum for disabled and migrant youth, with diverse backgrounds, adapted to each partner country reality;
  • Creation of an Innovative Toolbox (tools) adapted to the framework and curriculum Myself&Europe, specially focused on digital resources and gamification, for trainees;
  • Creation of an Innovative Toolbox (methods) adapted to the framework and curriculum Myself&Europe, specially focused on digital resources and gamification, for trainers;
  • Exploitation guide: sustainability recommendations and future implementation of the project outcomes.

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