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Career services

Job, traineeship, academic study, vocational and language training, voluntary work: Eurocultura provides client-designed career advise and guidance to people seeking an experience abroad to implement their professional and personal skills in an international environment.

Our career guidance sets up an individual pathway that leads to an international experience starting from the detection of customer’s needs, potentiality and aims.

We advise on active job and traineeship search strategies, vacancies, how to write an application, communication techniques for interviews, intercultural issues.

Labour law legislation, working conditions, health, education and social system are also topics we deal with during our guidance process.
We provide career service to individuals and small groups sharing the same objectives, face-to-face or web based.

Eurocultura cooperates with academic institutions, high schools and vocational training centers, youth information centers and private, social partners and public employment offices providing:

• lectures and seminars for career services officers, aimed to improve professional knowledge and competences in career guidance with an international perspective
• lectures and seminars for their clients, aimed to provide general frameworks and practical tools to implement an experience abroad
• individual career service
• support in developing activities related with international mobility.

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