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Speaker: Ashleigh Vilk – Therapist, Artist and Educator

The identity economy and Hybrid Professional Identity

Do you feel frustrated at work and feel that you are having to compromise your professional identities to satisfy your organisations’ needs?

Do you feel undervalued and frankly misunderstood in the workplace, wishing you could articulate the value of your perspective?

Do you wish you were a generalist or expert that could stick to one topic of interest,  even though you really know that this would stifle your creativity?

Are you looking for more sustainable joy from the work you do and how you do it?

These are often thoughts and fears of a hybrid professional.

Ashleigh Vilk is a Professional Identity Facilitator and a Hybrid Professional.

Being a hybrid professional means that Ashleigh works at the intersections of being a therapist, artist and educator. Which enables her to help reframe and rebalance people’s lives in order to find fulfilment and sustainable joy. She calls herself the Work/Life Kaleidoscope - this means she can act as a filter to help people reconfigure their lives, while disarming the process of positive transformation.

In the idea of an identity economy will be discussed - In an identity economy the workforce want to be who they are and grow both personally and professional at work. During the webinar you’ll appreciate if you are indeed a hybrid professional and understand the origins of some of your work pains as well as a formula to step out into your hybridity with confidence.

Addressed to: young people who want to be hybrid professionals, workers considering a career transformation, workers who feel there is more to them than just one job title and that they have a unique perspective on things and want to discover how to work as a hybrid professional.

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