Are you a Hybrid professional?

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Speaker: Ashleigh Vilk

Being a hybrid professional means that I work at the intersections of being a psychologist, artist and educator. Which enables me to help reframe and rebalance people’s lives in order to find fulfilment and sustainable joy. I call myself the Work/Life Kaleidoscope - this means I can act as a filter to help people reconfigure their lives, disarming the process of positive transformation.

In this webinar we will discuss the idea of an identity economy and our own identities at work - In an identity economy the workforce want to be who they are and grow both personally and professional at work. I will also describe my own hybrid professional journey and share with you a 3 step kaleidoscope process with the aim of helping you reach a conclusion on whether you could benefit from reinventing yourself under a hybrid title.

In the first part of the webinar the speaker Ashleigh Vilk presents "An identity economy and hybridity professional identity". The second part is dedicated to Q&A.

Adressed to: young people who want to be hybrid professionals, workers who are frustrated at work and feel they are having to compromise their professional identities to satisfy their organisations needs, workers who feel there is more to them than just one job title and that they have a unique perspective on things and want to discover how to work as a hybrid professional

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Ashleigh Vilk is a Hybrid professional, this means she works at the intersections of being a Psychologist, Artist and Educator. She calls herself the Work/life Kaleidoscope which enables her to help people/businesses reframe and balance their lives for positive transformation. She has worked as a Business consultant in Accenture UK, a Leadership development and Learning Project Manager in Generali Global Group Innovation Academy and is a qualified Sport Psychologist and Thetahealing therapist. She is also a positive birth advocate and a Hypnobirthing practitioner, offering courses to expecting mums. Ashleigh works empathetically with all her clients to reframe their lives in new light disarming the process of personal development, helping people find purpose and fulfilment in their lives.



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